Control your weight & improve overall health with lifestyle coaching designed by doctors The Olumia Life app is a mobile health solution created by physicians that makes living healthy easier. By integrating the experience and expertise of our physicians, data engineers and behavioral scientists, we?ve created a comprehensive, easy-to-follow system that provides healthy, in-the-moment guidance that adapts to your behavior. When it comes to Fitness, Nutrition and Sleep, we help you understand what to do, when to do it, and why it?s important?no matter where you are. Olumia is your 24/7 personal trainer, nutritionist and sleep specialist all rolled into one. Rather than improving each aspect of your health in isolation, we?ve built a system that addresses the interconnectivity of your body. When you sign up for Olumia, your program is individualized based on you, your goals and your lifestyle. Download on iOS and Android today! For more information, visit olumialife.com iOS: youp.lu/s45985 Android: youp.lu/1aPoTre
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