Olumia Life (formerly YouPlus)

Olumia Life (formerly YouPlus)

It’s time for a health app that actually makes your daily decisions easier. Your health goes beyond steps and calories, so the guidance you get should too. Olumia is your personal trainer, nutritionist and sleep specialist all rolled into one. Looking to lose weight, get fit and toned, build muscle, prevent disease or just improve your overall health? Olumia will take you to the next level. Olumia is here to make you a healthier you. See what we did there? Sifting through the latest discoveries and sometimes-contradictory studies in health and nutrition is a full-time job, not something you should have to worry about every day. That’s why Olumia works 24/7 to ensure you have a fitness, nutrition and sleep plan tailor-made to your needs. Olumia is backed by proven scientific methods and designed for you. To make lasting change in your life you must understand the power of a complete health platform. Why put these all together? Because your eating, sleeping and exercise habits are all part of a complex, interconnected system within your body. Harnessing our powerful Feedback+ Algorithm, biochemists and medical professionals have designed Olumia to understand your health goals and provide expert advice throughout each and every day. Sign up, complete our Health+ Assessment and a custom fitness, nutrition and sleep system will be calibrated just for you. Olumia is your personal health concierge; always on and always learning, right in your pocket. Using the app, you’ll engage in the 3 primary parts of a healthier you: Fitness, Nutrition and Sleep. Fitness - 365-day custom fitness plan, exercise-by-exercise, day-by-day and just for you. - Flexible plans. Don’t like a certain exercise? No problem! Hit the rotate button and try one of the alternates in the same category. - A combination of cardio, core and resistance training proven via multiple studies to provide the optimal results for your health goals. Nutrition - Taking advantage of the Olumia Ratio, you’ll enjoy a meal plan with the flexibility for real-world success, including a Cheat Half-Day and constant dietary feedback. - Nutrition helps at home and eating out: With tons of delicious and healthy recipes, Olumia will help you make every home-cooked meal a delight. - When you want to enjoy a meal out of the house, Nutrition will help you find the healthiest options available. With the locations and menu listings of over 50,000 eateries nationwide, you’ll be able to find a great meal without worrying over your diet. Sleep - Not everyone has the same needs, so a cookie-cutter plan isn’t enough for real, long-term success. Getting the right amount of quality sleep for you isn’t a pleasant surprise, it’s essential. - Sleep helps you with more than just setting an alarm. You’ll get the latest advice in hour to practice proper Sleep Hygiene, meaning you’ll wake up refreshed, energized and ready for another productive day. - Stress, poor diet and other factors can have deleterious effects on your sleep. Using Behavioral Therapy, Sleep can help you get to sleep easier without medication. You’ll make the most of the time you have and learn how to find more.
Location: United States, California, Los Angeles
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2013