OLSET was acquired by deem Inc. in October 2016! OLSET (Pronounced "All-Set"​) software technology company focused on developing new and innovative technologies for the Travel Industry. Utilizing a talented team of experts in Big Data, Natural Language Processing and Machine learning, we build tools to better understand consumers’ preferences in travel. Travel Companies use our technology to expedite the booking process and increase conversions. Through patent-pending technology, OLSET analyzes millions of reviews, extracts the sentiments, and tailors results based on a consumer’s interests at the exact time they are purchasing, delivering increased profits for their website and application partners as well. OLSET is the brainchild of Gadi Bashvitz, a frequent traveler, tech entrepreneur and big data veteran who after traveling 2.1 million miles in less than a decade realized that booking travel really wasn’t fast or easy by any standard. OLSET was created when Gadi teamed up with Amyn Sheriff, an experienced technologist and long-time travel expert to revolutionize the way travel is booked. As a company we license our technologies to major travel providers, as well as develop cutting edge customer facing applications to disrupt the way travel is booked as well. Some of our other projects: www.CinchTravel.com Cinch is the world's first travel booking tool built specifically for Small Business Travelers. Get multi-million dollar travel booking tech, in your hands, and save a ton of time and money booking your business trips. www.HotelMatch.me The best way to pick hotels for your trips. We use patented technology to read reviews and recommend the best hotels for your travels, for free.
Location: United States
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $2.8M
Founded date: 2012

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