OLSET - Personalized Travel Booking OLSET ("All-Set") is a big data travel company dedicated to disrupting the multi-billion dollar travel industry by personalizing and automating travel bookings like never before. Our patented technologies enable any travel booking site, agency or app provider to offer an incredibly delightful booking experience to their users. This results in increased conversions, higher revenues and improved customer satisfaction. OLSET users get customized hotel recommendations from a system that learns their preferences and can suggest hotels across 60 variables. Hotels are automatically matched to users across 40+ million review sentiments. Each hotel suggestion comes with a clear match breakdown of why that property was suggested for you. Preferences are stored and users can make further bookings using calendar and email, without ever having to search for hotels or reviews again! Sign up at OLSET.com today, or try it on Any.do (Android) and give it a try. All feedback welcome: support@olset.com
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Total raised: $2.8M

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