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Real-Time Guided Selling for B2B Sales As intuitive and user-friendly as GPS technology, Olono understands every detail throughout the buyer's journey ? even those outside of a company?s CRM ? and updates in real time based on the latest information. When obstacles arise and scenarios change, Olono immediately alerts sales reps with new recommended actions proven to improve stage velocity. Olono complements an organization?s existing CRM investments and delivers immediate benefits to both sales reps and sales managers, including: ?Automating menial tasks such as creating contacts and defining opportunity roles ?Prompting reps with real-time recommendations on next actions ?Offering unprecedented visibility into pipeline movement, as well as individual leads, opportunities and accounts ?Providing enterprise-wide search by opportunity, name, rep or any other detail ?Delivering deep insight into your actual buyer?s journey, not the one you wish you had. ?Boosting confidence in the data that drives pipeline forecasts
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $4M
Founder name: Larry Warnock

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