A Free Child Custody Manager GenesisCCM.com gives single parents ? as well as other extended family members; family law professionals; and all individuals with a vested interest in a child?s life -- the power to comprehensively, yet conveniently use any Internet-connected mobile device to manage seven key aspects of custody management: 1) Track visits by automatic child pick-up and drop-off email notifications 2) Create records to provide evidence while avoiding disputes. 3) Manage activities by creating, storing and sharing lists, notes and comments, as well as managing, tracking and getting notified of events 4) Ensure compliance with GPS geo-targeting to precisely identify pick-up and drop-off locations 5) Store data for each child, including medication and allergy details, as well as other pertinent records 6) Track expenses to capture costs that fall outside of normal child support obligations 7) Keep records by downloading all information in .CSV format for easy review, analysis, sharing and storage