Olive Natural Beauty’s product line and proprietary formula focus on the amazing anti-aging benefits of extra virgin olive oil, a Mediterranean secret of youth and beauty. Perfectly balanced with only the highest quality active organic ingredients, we’ve produced a truly safe and effective method to care for your skin and combat skin aging. We like to call it “Practicing Safe Skin Care”. Rich in Linoleic and Oleic acids, a deprivation of which is a main cause of dry skin, extra virgin olive oil is the least processed, purest form of the oil. Olive Natural Beauty products are completely unique because each is made and packaged entirely by hand, is 100% natural and organic, uses the finest 100% extra virgin olive oil to heal and rejuvenate skin, and can't be found anywhere else. Olive Natural Beauty believes that great attitude and happiness starts with great skin, but only can great skin be achieved with a product made of the finest natural and organic, vegetarian ingredients- Olive Natural Beauty.
Location: United States, Massachusetts, Easthampton
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2009