OlinData, a HeleCloud company

OlinData, a HeleCloud company

OlinData is a global provider of commercially supported Open Source services focused on Infrastructure and DevOps. With offices in The Netherlands and Singapore, OlinData is well positioned to work with some of the best engineers in the field. Services and consultations are provided either remotely or on site, depending on the specific requirements and nature of the specific project. With a customer base ranging from startups to large corporations, OlinData has the experience and capability to manage infrastructure specifically or as part of a much larger toolset that permits an organisation to apply or improve DevOps practices. This includes Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery workflows, Change management and Monitoring and logging infrastructures, to name a few. Besides consulting services OlinData has also specialised in providing Puppet, Icinga and Linux trainings. As one of Puppet’s oldest and most active training partners, OlinData provides beginner and advanced training regularly in various countries in Europe. In Asia, OlinData regularly conducts training in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Israel, Philippines, Vietnam and South Korea.
Location: Netherlands, South Holland, The Hague
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2008