What is Oleolive? Oleolive is a biotechnology company working to commercialize oleocanthal for research, supplements and other novel uses. We have a patent pending technology on a scalable and novel method for extraction of oleocanthal which makes us perfectly positioned to take on this endeavor. What is oleocanthal? It is a miracle compound! Well maybe, but it is our mission to find out. Oleocanthal is known to be responsible for the health benefits associated with olive oil. It has shown, in many studies, to have therapeuric efficacy against Alzheimer's, certain cancers, inflammatory diseases, and who knows what else! Why do we care? We care because we are people who are actually capable of finding out if oleocanthal can help people live better lives.. Our team is made up of dedicated scientists and business professionals that can form and execute a plan that could shake up how some horrible ailments are treated. Whats the plan? Oleocanthal is pretty hard to find right now. Put simply, our plan is produce oleocanthal under our exclusive license (thanks, University of Louisiana at Monroe) to allow researchers to begin experimenting with its uses. We will also begin development and testing of in house supplements and therapeutics to deliver to consumers ASAP. One product is already in the works. Finally, our terrific team is studying oleocanthal's effect on Alzheimer's, which we intend to commercialize when complete. See...simple! Who are we? We are a team of 4 scientists and 1 business guy fighting over where to spend money. Our CEO, Kiley, is a veteran of the EAP, an entrepreneurial accelerator based in Shreveport, LA. Our scientists, Dr. El Sayed and Dr. Kaddoumi are the top researchers in the field of olive oil and oleocanthal. And, our executive team, Dr. Cardelli and Dr. Gray are entrepreneurs and researchers with extensive backgrounds and gritty determination. #biotech #oliveoil #oleocanthal #supplements #nutraceuticals
Location: United States, Louisiana, Shreveport
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $2.5M
Founded date: 2017

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