Presentation (PPT & Word), Video/Audio Editing and Graphic Design Services Olaslides.com, is arguably the first website where anyone from around the world can submit Presentation (PPT/Word), Video/Audio Editing or Graphic Design work (Logos, Infographics, Brochures, etc.), and tentatively within a 24 hour period have the final product ready. Recent survey shows that a corporate executive or a college student spends 60% of his/her time in preparing the presentation. Instead of wasting their time, they can submit their work to us in the form of raw data with basic instructions. We will have a ready to use presentation for them in a short span of time. Olaslides, also provides graphic services. Instead of heading to Kinkos or using freelance designers. The user can submit their work to us and we will have a ready to use output ready for them at the earliest possible time-frame Due to the nature of the business we will have dedicated client executives who will constantly be in touch with the clients to ensure a high quality product is delivered to the client.