Okular Technologies

Customer Analytics for Physical Retailers Okular boosts performance for physical retailers through shopper analytics for large retailers by analyzing video footage from a store?s existing security cameras and producing an informative foot-traffic heatmap. Unlike alternative solutions that require expensive cameras, in-store servers, or depend on customers using a store's WiFi, Okular requires no hardware and uses existing low-resolution cameras. This allows Okular to scale across multiple retail stores at a lower cost. Also, we are more precise and can track more people -- making our solution the best in the market. Okular works by establishing a digital connection between its cloud servers and a store's existing security camera server. As video camera footage comes in, it is analyzed and then immediately deleted to protect consumer privacy. The resulting data is then used to create an informative heatmap specific for that camera. Using this heatmap, retailers can see conversion rates, traffic numbers, and much more.