World's first smart iPhone case with built-in GPS OKO Case was born in a basement after Eddie lost his brand-new iPhone several weeks prior. After extensive research, we realized that loss and theft of smartphones is a big problem with no real solution. Research indicates that $30 billion worth of smartphones are lost every year in USA alone, and only 7% are ever recovered by their owners. The root of the problem is in the fact that once your phone is off or out of battery, there is absolutely no way you can locate or track it. OKO Case is a pioneer in the ?smart? case industry that aims to provide its users with security of locating their lost smartphone and flexibility of doing so under various conditions. OKO Case works if your phone is dead or out of battery, if you don?t have a data subscription, if your phone is in poor-signal areas, and even if iCloud is not set up at all. You can think of OKO Case as a form of insurance for your iPhone. You snap it on and forget about it (until you actually need to use it).