Addressing Emerging Markets Our Mission Accelerate emerging market growth with a physical address system. The problem Imagine life without a physical address? you wouldn?t get any to-the-door post, banks wouldn?t trust you enough to issue you a loan and an ambulance would struggle to find you, maybe even arriving too late. Today, that?s the life for 4 billion people in the world. The growth of the countries that these 4 billion people live in is being inherently throttled by the lack of physical address system. The solution OkHi gives everyone a physical address, for free. Your OkHi address consists of a GPS point and a photo of your gate and is easily shared via the OkHi mobile app. With an OkHi address you can now get deliveries to your door, get access to more finance and have the confidence that emergency services will find you in time.
Total raised: $325K