Okava Pharmaceuticals

Developing life-saving drugs for dogs & cats Okava Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biotech founded by industry professionals dedicated to developing life-saving drugs for dogs and cats. ?The Humanization of Veterinary Medicine? is a market creating opportunity. This paradigm shift, from disease prevention to chronic disease, management will increase the specialty drug use. >90% of drugs available to DVMs are human drugs that have never been studied, developed, or optimized in pets. Drug R&D efforts have not kept pace with the emerging needs of board-certified veterinary ?specialists?. As a consequence, dogs and cats with chronic diseases go under-treated. Okava?s value proposition differs from prototypical early-stage, high-risk biotech investments. Our strategy is predicated on minimized R&D risk, fast development timelines, low R&D costs and inexpensive retail pricing models. Strategy is to optimize formulations of established human drugs for use in pets, using proven, off-the-shelf technology.