1. Integrated Security Solution : CCTV,Under Vehicle Scanners & Surveillance systems, Access control, Periphery protection, Electric Fencing etc. 3. Fire Alarm System, Public Addressing System, Nurse Call system, Distress Call system. 4 Fully Automated Boom Barrier, Swing Gate, Road Barrier, Sliding Gates Etc., 5.Parking management and Parking Guidance system, Smart Parking Systems. 6.DFMD,Industrial Metal Detector 7.RFID based solutions. 9. Customised solutions for projects 10.Complete IT and networking solutions. 11. IT Peripherals & Video Conferencing Solution 12.Wireless CCTV Solution Elevator & Construction Site 13. Automated Attendance System For Students 14.CCTV Camera Rental Service for all Type of Industries FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES ? Housekeeping Materials ? Pest Control Services ? Shampooing of Chairs-sofa & carpets ? Crystallization & Maintenance of Marble/Granite Floors ? Civil Work (Repairing, Painting, Interior & Exterior etc.)
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