Creative projects management platform Ojabox is a Cloud based Project collaboration platform, helping creative teams to host and manage their projects through visual control of all the files, tasks and people, with a state of the art review tool that enables users to review documents, videos and 3D models all in one place. Helping teams, clients and freelancers store and manage their projects on the cloud, track and control changes, manage version control and ensure security & encryption of files. Our review tool helps users review images, documents and videos frame by frame, as well as saving half the time of 3D creation projects by sharing 3D work (created using any 3D software) for instant comments and feedback in 3D on the web. Its also a great way to showcase the progress of work with the client and share the work with a link and efficiently finalize more quality work in less period of time. We aim to empower creators, and believe in creating miracles !
Member count: 1-10