The easiest way to discover your new favorite podcast Overheard is a mobile podcast discovery platform that helps people discover their new favorite podcast. Podcasts are a rich hub for stories, knowledge and ideas. Still, one of the major barriers in this community is discovery. This is the problem Overheard will solve; that of helping new and old podcast listeners explore the podcasting medium via a curated and eclectic selection of podcast providers and episodes. Our prototype is intuitive, minimal and effective. It's designed for use on the go and it delivers episode to episode recommendations. By choosing from one of our six categories, users will be delivered a curated episode in a quick and easy way. From here, users can either: return to the menu and change categories, press "explore again" and be given another randomized episode within the same category, or choose "dig deeper" and be delivered an episode with similar themes and topics to the one they just listened to. Overheard is currently available as an MVP/prototype.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $2K