Forex & Stock Trading Game MAKING FINANCIAL MARKETS ACCESSIBLE & FUN OhMyGeorge ( is a mobile-first forex & stock trading platform that makes financial markets accessible and fun for the new generation of investors, taking its inspiration from mobile games and console hits such as CandyCrush or Zelda. We believe that a more intuitive trading interface, enticing users to apply and stick to financial trading best practices (money management, risk management, trading plan...), can result in a higher proportion of profitable users. Legacy brokers provide trading beginners with the same overcomplicated platforms than they offer to their professional traders, causing most of these beginners to lose. We are building a product fitted for the beginner segment in order to fill that gap. ?Investing isn?t about beating others at their game. It?s about controlling yourself at your own game.? - Jason Zweig, The Wall Street Journal
Member count: 1-10