Consultora Ohkasis S.A. de C.V.
Efficient communication car service management Followheel helps to car agency to be more efficient because it creates a communication canal between customers and car agency. Services: + Telemarketing services to schedule appointments. + Management consultants and people working in telemarketing. + Tracking ongoing services within agency. + It Notifies to customers of the status of their cars when they are in service, these notifications are by mail or smartphone. + It Shows agency's promotions within and mobile application. + It creates a report about reparation by photos. Benefits + The customer can schedule appointments by app (iOS and Android's devices). + The client knows at all times the status of your vehicle. + The client can authorize an additional service by mobile application. + The client is notified when his vehicle is ready. Productivity + The client receives the request for authorization of additional services immediately. + Mechanical organize her time effectively and prevents downtime by waiting authorizations.