We are a kind of "lafourchette" for taxis For a passenger, Oh! Taxi is the simplest way to order a cab instantly from his smartphone or our website. For a hotel, a restaurant, a prescriber, Oh! Taxi the is legal way to get your "bakchich". For a cab driver, Oh! Taxi is your direct way to gain new business. For a cab company, Oh! Compagnie is the best way to manage, drive and optimize drivers and vehicles. Our company is providing a platform to book a taxi. From user who want to get a cab, a prescriber who want to serve its customers, to cab company that need to manage its fleet. We offer : - no more waiting melody (you know when you wait on the phone 10/15/20 minutes or more before an operator that responds) - no more waiting at a station for a customer - don't search for a taxi on google. With Oh! Taxi we are everywhere - do not miss a customer because you can't answer a phone call or - get a ride at the best price - pay with your phone : no need for credit card, no more unpaid customer
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