Airbnb of Commercial Spaces An online platform that allows hosts with any spare commercial space to list on our platform for free and rent out that space to individuals and companies anywhere in the world. But we do this for commercial space all over the world, not limited just to offices, we list any type of workspace for any type of work. We connect businesses to individuals for any length of time. Our target market for our hosts is anyone who has any spare commercial space, for our guests our target market is anyone who currently works in an environment that is not productive or conducive enough for the work they are trying to produce. We are helping young companies, entrepreneurs and everyone involved in business find an environment which works for them. COMPANY STAGE Seed Funding Incorporation: August 2014 Web and mobile based collaborative consumption platform / AirBnB for offices and ALL commercial spaces. (C) Copyright 2013-2014
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $100K