OFI Limited

B2B tech E-commerce In Latam, corporate buyers seek lower prices, faster delivery, and personalized service. OFI satisfies their needs through a combination of technology and contemporary business processes: Need #1: Lower Prices ? Marketplace Technology: OFI aggregates suppliers? inventory on a single platform. ? Data Analytics: Cross-referencing customer and supplier data allows us to provide rich, cost-reduction analysis. ? Network Effects: As we scale, we will secure better prices from our suppliers, attracting more customers to our platform. Need #2: Speed ? Process Automation: Through our proprietary development, OFI instantly links sales orders to ?preferred suppliers?. ? On-Demand: Our transportation team schedules pick-ups and deliveries with our fleet of on-demand messengers. Need #3: Service ? High-Touch: Our call center bridges traditional buying behavior with online procurement. ? CRM: Our system responds faster to RFQs, automates follow-up and cross-sells to higher-margin categories
Location: Colombia, Colombia
Member count: 51-200
Total raised: $500K

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