Off the grid Cubes
Portable Solar Power For Homes & Businesses & 3rd World Electricity Provider Cubes are military tough secure solar powered electrical modules that power everything from camping sites to large homes or shops! Decades ago, I was looking into alternative energy sources that could compete with utility companies for providing electric. Back then, there were no tax incentives, nor were solar products even close to being reasonably priced. Today, solar products in general have came down in price nearly 50% over the past two years, promising affordable solar power to everybody who wants it. Also, Federal Tax incentives are at 30% this year, with no maximum! These are just a few of the advantages of the "Cube" over conventional solar installed systems. Our "Cube" does not install onto your house, nor is it a permanent structure on your property. What does this mean to homeowners? NO new property taxes! Of course, if you decide to move, the whole system breaks down in under an hour to move with you! Wherever you go, the "Cube" system can go with you.
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