We help brick and mortar businesses to increase their conversion rates Offrie is a contextual ad platform that allows brick and mortar businesses to publish offers of their products and services through a Web Portal. Consumers see these offers through ads in mobile apps (push notifications and different ad formats). The context of the consumer is used to suggest the products and services where there is more likelihood of achieving conversion or visit the business? branch. To achieve this, the platform takes into account different things: user preferences in terms of categories, most viewed offers, age, gender, day and time of the week, etc. On the other hand, the businesses through a Panel can see all the metrics to measure the effectiveness of its campaigns: number of visits to its branches, most viewed offers, more shared offers, etc. Finally, through the consumer context, including location, businesses can schedule customized notifications through the platform to consumer segments in order to obtain more conversions and sales opportunities.
Member count: 1-10