Ofbug Protein

Ofbug Protein

Ofbug is an insect protein producer based in Vancouver, BC. We use insects in animal feed to reduce the environmental impact of meat consumption. We promote the use of humanely produced meats, and insects as food for people, too. Protein is an essential component in feed, but there are many environmental and health concerns about existing sources. Insects can provide alternative protein, as well as other nutrients, in a sustainable and natural way. Ofbug protein uses darkling beetle larvae (yellow mealworm) and black soldier fly larvae in a whole, flaked, pelletized or ground form. We understand that farmers want to produce the best quality product (we’re farmers too), but that in a competitive market it can be hard to make the right choices. For this reason we want to make our protein not just sustainable but also affordable. Insects are part of a natural diet for most farm animals. We raise our insects on spent beer grains, all waste is organic and used as compost and fertiliser. Insects need less food to produce protein, use less space, less water, and make less waste too. They are high in iron, calcium and omegas making them the best protein source on the market today. We allow community farmers to make better choices for their animals, and better quality products.
Location: Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2011