Oeuvre Technologies and Consulting

Accessible diagnostics SCYLLA is an initiative by Oeuvre Technologies and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. with the aim of making diagnostics and pathology services more accessible to customers. If a person cannot move out of home or is caught in an emergency situation and doesn?t have the access to diagnostic facilities, then SCYLLA can do the needful. During Phase-1 SCYLLA will launch a help line number, a website and a mobile application (Android/iPhone/Blackberry) where customers can book pathology tests on any platform. Phase-2 will endeavour to launch a 24x7 mobile diagnostic service (MDS), with a quick turnaround time which will collect pathology samples, processes digital X-Rays and ECGs on the spot. This service will be very useful for the well-being of aged citizens who have limited mobility. Phase 3 will target the rural population in civilizations.