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Odysci helps companies to create value and obtain competitive advantages through the analysis of their social media contents and all interactions with their fans, followers and subscribers. Using advanced algorithms for natural language processing, statistical analysis, sentiment analysis and machine learning, we help our customers to extract all publicly available data from their social media pages in order to plan and refine their marketing campaigns, enhance their competitive analysis, guide their public relations efforts, and generally improve their communications with their fans. Our product - Odysci Media Analyzer - is the new go-to tool for monitoring, analysis and BI of social media for companies, brands and agencies. Monitor and analyze your social media presence and your fans on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. The interactions that take place in social media have unique characteristics that depend on the company, the community of fans, the country and region where they live, and most importantly on the language. Each language has its own slang and nuances when transported to social media, which makes automatic understanding, such as sentiment analysis, particularly challenging. We develop specialized algorithms that understand the richness of each language and the way they are used in social media within the context of a company's pages. We currently have algorithms tuned to English and Portuguese and we plan to add other languages in the future. Our passion is to transform complex technologies into products and services that help companies to extract the biggest possible value from their social media.
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Location: Brazil, São Paulo, Campinas
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Founded date: 2008

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