Face-to-face, multiplayer game. Live action scavenger hunt played in social settings Our beta version Party Byngo, is in its last test phase on the app store. The new, redesigned version, Revel, comes out in mid september. It is a live, synchronous, face to face, multiplayer game for iPhone and Android that is meant to redefine the idea of a "social game". Most games that promise you the experience of "social" only provide isolation. Revel is a live action scavenger hunt, conveniently in the form of a bingo board, where you photo hunt for people, situations and items native to your environment. Meant to be played in social settings with groups of friends, you can join local games and invite nearby players to join your group. The concept is to play an inclusive, fun social game with existing friends while making new ones by engaging with your environment through talking to people and taking pictures of fun situations that then get turned into game pieces for you to hit bingo and win. Photos can be shared directly to your social networks within the app.
Member count: 1-10