A socially and environmentally conscious REIT with the highest ROI Odin Capital Trust is changing the future of the real estate investment trust "REIT" industry. This is a $984 Billion a year market and growing. Odin Capital Trust is a unique investment opportunity for accredited and Non-accredited investors. We focus primarily on residential, multi-family homes and some commercial. Our mission is to provide investors with 20% ROI. 401, CD'S, and mutual bonds, as well as other REIT'S offer at most 15% ROI. Our team has decades of experience in real estate, finance, construction, insurance, and executive management. Our competitors concentrate on commercial real estate and the ROI is less than 15%. Odin Capital Trust is anticipating $20 million this round to be used to acquire, remodel, and rent or sale the properties. We have a PPM and subscription agreement available for interested investors.
Member count: 11-50