Off Duty Firefighters

Off Duty Firefighters
ODFF "Off duty Firefighters" has one mission, to support those who support us. As you know being a firefighter is a labor of love. Firefighting is one of the lowest paid services, but they sacrifice so much for us. Most firefighters have to work 2 sometimes 3 jobs to just get by. But you will never hear them complain, being a firefighter is about protecting and serving their community. A firefighter is a rare bread, when most people are running away from danger a firefighter is running towards it to save our lives. ODFF was founded on a single principal, and that it to support the ones who support us. We are doing that by allowing them a free way to advertise and build their side businesses so that they can support their families. We are providing a way to continue doing what they love at absolutely no cost to them. When off duty a firefighter may be a contractor, painter, mover, business man, etc.., but when on duty they are dedicated to the sole principal of saving our lives. Why not hire those who you already trust? Hire a firefighter at
Location: United States, Texas, Avinger
Member count: 11-50