The amazon of organic, local and sustainable products delivered to your home OdeOrganico keeps in one place all the organic, sustaintable and natural products most of them made in Mexico (one of the biggest organic producers), allowing the customer to buy a lot of stuff from groceries, vegetables to health and beauty supplies delivered directly to their home or office, so the customer won't be going to different specific stores to buy groceries, body lotions, cleaning products, etc. Our customer is a person who is mostly familiar buying online, and worried about the environment, their own health and consuming the products directly from the person who create them. If the customer is not familiar buying online, they could call to client service and someone takes their order . We are aware that in Mexico, where the company is based, there are a lot of people that do not trust to purchase online with credit/debit card, thats why we have all the alternative payments such as payment in convenience stores, bank transfers, bank deposit, among others.