Next-generation sport trading tools Two Products in Developement #1 Arbfinding Website/software It scans bookmakers for the odds offered on sport events and looks for discrepancies between bookmakers. Once found, the arbitrage proposition is presented to the client. The client makes a profit with various bookmakers by placing bets on markets suggested by the software . Client always ends up in profit, regardless of the result of a match. The value comes from differences in odds offered by different companies. #2 Odds comparison website Odds comparison website focused on acquiring new players. Using the data from the network of Arbfinder, as well as feeds directly from the bookmakers, it simply compares the bookmakers, and displays the best odds offered at given moment. Each link is tagged using the affiliate schemes established with the betting companies, that reward acquisition of each new customer via our link and/or share the revenue generated by those customers.
Member count: 1-10