Party with your phone Octopus its a platform (which looks forward to become mobile) were potential users are able to find the best bars and clubs in Bogot?, Colombia. Octopus offers a complete and selected club list with complete information about each one of them. For example; music genre, openning and closing time, location, entrance price, direct access to social networks, call to action buttons, description and a high quality photo slider which shows every section of the selected club. ?Which are our main objectives? - Book your party. - Buy your entrance and inside products. - Type your interests and Octopus will create the right plan for you. At the moment, we are working on our website but we've previously launched the app, which we have to develop again in both iOS and Android platforms because of the unexpected bugs. Note: This app was published in the main page of "El Tiempo" newspaper as one of the most promising apps in the moment (that was one year ago).