#1 Visual Web Scraping Software - Turn Any Web Data into Visual Desired Formats Octoparse is a free client-side web scraping software that turns unstructured or semi-structured data from any websites into structured data sets, no coding necessary. Extracted data can be exported as API, CSV, Excel or exported into a database(MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle). Visit octoparse.com for more information. Just click the information on the website in the built-in browser and perform the extraction, you will get the structured data you need. Scraping the web on a large scale simultaneously, based on distributed computing, is the most powerful feature of Octoparse. After you upload your configuration project to the cloud, you can choose to perform the extraction concurrently by using many cloud servers. If you need to scrape 10,000 web pages within a short time, then Octoparse cloud service fits best.
Member count: 11-50