Virtual assistants Octhopus provides administrative services to improve customers? lives and creates exciting professional opportunities to a team of virtual assistants. Many small business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers and busy people can?t dedicate enough time to do what they?re best at. Octhopus connects them with certified online assistants to delegate administrative tasks, grow their business or simplify their lives. We help our clients in three key areas: 1. Exploring new business opportunities: research, database management, client and prospect outreach, quotes, invoicing, travel planning; 2. Getting the word out there: social media management, campaign management, presentations; 3. Simplifying life: processes, adoption of new web tools, email and calendar management, data capture, meeting notes, translation, personal tasks. Our service is managed through monthly packages with a set number of hours.Our customers need not worry about training, equipment or location of their assistant.
Member count: 11-50