Off-Campus Mobile 101
Exclusive On-Campus Student Marketing Off Campus Mobile 101 (OCM101) provides University?s with a technological solution to manage the off-campus merchants wanting to market to the student population. Local off-campus housing providers and businesses depend on the student body to pay their bills. OCM101 creates a university specific platform which allow those off-campus merchants access to those students in a university controlled atmosphere. Student: 1) "I have $500 on my student ID card. I know I can use it like a debit card off-campus and save big bucks but don't know!" 2) "I want to move off-campus but don't know where to start...where can I find housing, a roommate, or a sub-leaser? University: 1) "If we help students find off-campus housing and/or better promote the university ID card merchants, we will have better student resources, generate more revenue, and partner with more merchants!" Merchant: 1) "The university doesn't want me on-campus "flyering", how can I promote my business then?"
Member count: 1-10