Luxury Yacht Vacation Club Did you know that one can enjoy a vacation on a luxury yacht for more or less the same price as a luxury cruise? More than that, you will enjoy the freedom and ultimate privacy of your own personal yacht, combined with the ability to set your own itinerary, making it stand out from the crowded cruise ship experience. What we have discovered is that not many people know this. That is why we have created OceanScape Yachts, where our goal is to help more people fulfill their dream of the ultimate luxury vacation. If you are interested, please visit the following link for our Pitch Deck documents: bit.ly/OSYPitchDeck. I know that your time is precious and I thank you in advance for taking some of that valuable time to review our plan. We provide you with complimentary access to our membership site by registering at the following link: oceanscapeyachts.com/index.php/info/passportaccess.