Oceans 11 Property Development

5 Star Boutique Resort Oceans Edge Resort 5 Star Boutique Resort with private beach cove; 36 Studio and 8 - 2 Bed Villa units. Facilities; three level club house, horizon pool, spa, restaurant, bar, beach bar, water sports, dive shop, private jetty, helipad, resort owned speed boats. Location Philippines; Carabao Island sister island to Boracay named as the best beach in Asia by the world?s largest travel website,TripAdvisor in its 2015 Traveler?s Choice Awards. Boracay is reaching saturation point, this is especially true for beach front properties. The only logical expansion from the saturation of Boracay is Carabao. The Sky City Casino complex and other developments have already located in Carabao. Investment required $1.12m to complete the development for 40% equity, development under construction. Asset backed investment with 2.2 hectare of ocean front land. Exit following 2 years operation, managed by an Asian branded resort management, to sell as a going concern circa $15m.
Member count: 1-10