Eco Symbiotic Sea steadying Platform Ocean Pad Project was envisioned to challenge the general knowledge and perception of freedom. We offer a new way of doing LIFE. The vision is to live freely, with the ability to sustain ourselves on natural resources and create a symbiotic relationship with the environment while enjoying the vast beauty of the oceans. Here is our solution: The basic floating foundation platform is called a Pad. At 40 feet long by 20 feet wide is made of fiber and steel reinforced concrete. Dry weight is 92 tons and can support a similar load. In its interior water sealed compartments we house the bulk of our self-sustainability systems. These include power production, water desalination and storage, biodigestors for waste recycling and biomass production. A perfect Base for Sturdy Ocean engineered recycled container Homes that can be used for residential and comercial purposes. Our Clusters can be floated and positioned in any location as close to land or far away from Tax and Regulation.
Member count: 11-50