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Learn more at http://oceanseeding.com/ and join the conversation with #oceanseeding Oceaneos Marine Research Foundation (Oceaneos) is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver (BC), Canada. We develop technology to address the critical problem of global fishery and marine ecosystem collapse as a result of climate change. With a strong international team of engineers and scientist in the fields of oceanography and marine biology, we have the mission to revitalize the oceans and restore fisheries through a combination of sustainable practices, marine sanctuaries and the application of Ocean Seeding in depleted areas of the ocean. Oceaneos engages in the scientific research and development of Ocean Seeding: a method that rehabilitates marine ecosystems and increases wild fish populations at a local scale through ocean fertilization. Current projections suggest that by 2050 oceans will be depleted and the fishery industry will cease to exist. This is already a major disaster for billions of people that are directly dependent on the oceans and fish as their main source of protein and income. Oceaneos implements Ocean Seeding projects in close collaboration with governments, fishery industry, and universities. LinkedIn Policy: We encourage a fact-based dialogue and will try to accurately answer all your questions about our organization, projects and technology. We moderate the discussion on our LinkedIn page. Disrespectful comments or posts from fake accounts will be removed.
Location: United States, Washington, Seattle
Founded date: 2014