OCCO Gaming

Skill Gaming Development and Licensing Phase 1: OCCO Gaming's portfolio of innovative card games includes two strategic tarot-based games and a revolutionary poker game, which will be developed for gaming on all formats. Software versions of these games will be licensed to casinos globally. Licensing royalties from online casinos = 10% of net earnings Legislation has opened a vast market in ?Skill Gaming?. During Phase two, OCCO's own eSports platform will be launched, enabling any developer who adopts the OCCO platform to monetise their games via player v player challenges and regular international tournaments. OCCO platform licensing @ 15% "RIVERBOAT Poker" TM : 2-9 players (CONFIDENTIAL) - Revolutionary Mechanics - Entertaining Gameplay. - Easy to learn. Challenging to master. - Strategic decision making - Dealer's Choice - 7 Games - Iconic and Historic. - ?Big Blind? Provider makes a crucial choice. - Complements Texas Hold ?Em and Omaha - Video, see below (Please request an NDA for more information. USPTO TM reg.)
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $4K