Accelerating scientific discovery OccamzRazor is taking us out of the age of single marker, single target drug discovery and is creating the first curative therapies for Parkinson?s Disease (PD) discovered with Machine Learning. To cure a complex and multifactorial disease like PD, we need to go beyond targeting just a single gene or a single disease mechanism with a blockbuster drug. OccamzRazor consumes and analyzes unstructured and structured biomedical datasets (e.g. published literature, preclinical and clinical trial results) that contain valuable information about all processes directly and indirectly contributing to different forms of PD. The interrelated data is analyzed in an exhaustive knowledge graph (KG). OccamzRazor?s proprietary KG reveals downstream therapeutic insight, augments decision making in biomedical research, and supports strategic therapeutics development for multiple interacting systems that can be targeted in parallel with small molecules, antibodies or gene editing approaches.
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