live video sharing Observer T is a mobile app that allows anyone to share live video streaming. The idea behind it is that you can connect to anyone's mobile phone and watch live video streaming from it. Of course the person you connecting to has to agree and give you the permission for it. Imagine how many people have smart phones in the world and you decided to go on holidays and you want to see what it is like at the moment at your destination? With our app you can select any person that is there at the moment and ask them to show the views or the hotel or even walk around the beach. Now, imagine there is something going on in your city (a fire somewhere or something exploded), 100% there will be people around that place recording it on their phones. You are curious but you'd get to see what has happened only in the news or in Youtube a few hours after. So, with our app you can see what's going on right when it's happening. All you need to do is to choose a person to connect to.
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