Ensuring Hospital Hand Hygiene Observe Design's integrated platform allows healthcare facilities to observe, record and analyse the adherence to infection control protocols in their facilities. Our IOT (internet-of-things) system with hardware and software components provides the hospital administration with key insight that helps them to design infection control interventions in order to minimize the spread of healthcare associated infection. HansureTM is a wearable hand sanitizer dispenser that gives access to sanitizer anywhere, anytime. SakshieldTM is a smart bedside sanitizer dispenser that acts as a monitoring system to remind healthcare worker to sanitize their hands at points of patient care and track the hand hygiene behavior of healthcare workers in a hospital. PratyakshTM is a mobile/tablet based software tool to record, measure and analyse hand hygiene of healthcare workers in a healthcare facility. PratyakshTM removes all limitations inherently present in the paper based recording system.
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Total raised: $100K