THE BEAUTY OF COOKING OBRO, is dealing with Kitchen Appliances which is major in Cooker Hood and Induction Hob mainly. Our best selling products would be definitely Downdraft Cooker Hood which have the sleek design and best performance. Our design for Downdraft Cooker Hood & Induction hob would be different in term of concept. Product Video: youtube.com/watch?v=IpCyPPDC8NQ Beneficial of Induction hob: 1. Safest cooking method 2. Easy to clean 3. Induction technology does not produce a lot of residual heat like traditional gas cooking where heat escapes from sides. 4. 90% efficient which is better than gas at 60%. Beneficial of Downdraft cooker hood: 1. Silent (less noise) 2. Save kitchen space 3. High Performance 4. With safety features