OBOOK 創立於2010年底, 致力於建立最簡單好用的書籍搜尋和購買平台 App下載位置: www.obook.com 2012年底,推出OwlTing ,一個和好友一起推薦地點的社群服務,請至官方網站加入或下載手機App :www.owlting.com OBOOK was founded in late 2010 at Taipei, Taiwan. Our goal is to build the best book search and retail platform. In late 2012, OBOOK released OwlTing, a social tool for recommending places. (Web、App) Join OwlTing at www.owlting.com and share great places with your circle of trust !
Location: Taiwan, Taipei
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2010