Objective was founded in 1996 and developed into a leading provider of shop floor and warehouse floor IT solutions. With its object-oriented software suite “Objective” the company offers an innovative combined MES and WMS-solution for the process and discrete manufacturing industry. The combined MES- and WMS solution comprises a unique “production logistics engine“, the beating heart of a manufacturing company, seamlessly and just-in-time ‘orchestrating’ logistics operations with manufacturing process steps. Customers include leading (mid-sized to world scale) food and beverage companies as well as metal processing and machine assembly companies. So called ‘industry vertical solutions’ support best practices in different specific industrial environments like, amongst other, dairy, industrial bakery, fresh and frozen fruit & vegetables, plastics processing, electronics, and OEM. Objective has approx. 80 employees, mainly situated at its Headquarter in Wichelen, Belgium, and in Eersel, the Netherlands.

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