Providing database access to those without any database knowledge Dominus is a enterprise application that divides relational data access in two: A Hard part and an Easy part. The Build screen is full of Joins and Primary Keys and other database-ease that only an IT type could love. But once professionals have defined a series of joined tables as a Domain, less sophisticated Users can then use the Domain in an Ask-By-Example interface to run Requests, generate reports, or for data editing and entry, importing, exporting. Thus reducing the expertise needed to achieve a given task. While helping the User concentrate on their business questions. Originally intended to create XML databases from relational data, it soon became apparent that Domains were so powerful an algorithm that they could do anything you might want with your data. Dominus has the potential to significantly lessen the workload on IT Departments while increasing the flow of information and access to data throughout the enterprise. And it's point-and-click easy for the User.
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