OBILAB aims to democratize music practice through affordable & innovative instruments OBILAB was co-founded in October 2015 by Patrick Obadia (CEO) an industrial product designer and musician, Caroline R. Culli?re (COO) a former business developer consultant and Victor D?Halluin (CPO) a product designer, after observing that the estimated $17 billion worth ?global market for musical instruments and audio gear?, according to The Music Trades, hasn?t been disrupted for decades. Moreover, after conducting diverse meetings and researches, we realized that 95% of people interviewed, wished to play drums, yet, only 9% of them will ever get a chance to try it. Why? Drums are loud, expensive, cumbersome, impractical and hard to assemble. Our first product, the cardboard DRUMKIT, (600 units sold in less than 10 months) tackles and solves these 5 problematics concurrently by being : acoustic, affordable, easy to store, easy to carry around as a backpack and easy to assemble in 2 minutes therefore allowing amateurs, pros and newbies to practice drums everywhere.