Berlin based fashion brand Studio Obectra is a fashion label with a statement in black. Where darkness is converted to unisex sportswear, with comfort and selected materials. The brand is inspired by the capital?s famous nightlife. This beautiful subculture has an impact on the whole city in terms of how we live, how we eat, how we talk and of course, how we dress up. Studio Obectra is slowing down the fast fashion industry. Brand is promoting slow fashion, with one menswear and womenswear collection per year - pieces for all seasons, where a client is important again, as almost every piece of collection is made-to-measure. Leather harnesses, hoodies, harem pants, underwear, t-shirts, bomber jackets and futuristic long coats offer the clients a unique shopping experience. Obectra is bringing fashion almost back to basics, where clothes are produced at studio in Berlin and designed in black colour only. Obectra is a Berlin based fashion message.
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