The ecosystem where society meets to make a change in the World OASIX is a platform for the global community of the future, in which people will be able to join their forces to change the World through crowdfunding. What OASIX provides to society is a commonplace where the global community seeking for positive impact can meet to unify its strengths through crowdfunding. A platform that uses technology, advertising, and attention to generate transparency and efficiency in the use of funds. Not only we solve the problem of lack of transparency when contributing money, but we also empower the end-user by distributing the value generated in the positive impact projects back to them, so they can choose which technological innovative projects they want to keep supporting. We are not a non-profit, and we don't process donations. We are changing the rules of the game, we are making 'positive impact', a sustainable reality in the modern economy. We are currently looking for a full-stack developer that would like to join the team and help build the platform, first in the form of a website connected to a database to capture data and provide value back to users through points and potentially engage in further developments in the upcoming stages. I am Jose, the founder, and I just want to tell you that I don't expect you to leave your current job or to drop everything behind. We are an early-stage startup with the vision to change the way humans interact in the future economy, and because transparency is our main value, I want to be clear. We can't afford to pay a salary since we haven't raised funds yet, this first development 'project' will put you in the founding team of OASIX and potentially receive equity in the development of the global ecosystem. We are looking for versatile people that want to expand their expertise and build their knowledge in multiple fields, from marketing experts to physicists, from renewable resources savvy to investment management advisors, software developers and more. Looking forward to talking.
Member count: 1-10