Oasis In-Home Care

Non-Medical In-Home Care Oasis In-Home Care provides non-medical services to individuals with physical or mental disabilities/diseases such as those with Alzheimer's Disease, Seniors, and Quadriplegics (paralyzed individuals), to assist them in maintaining the ability to remain at home versus a facility. In 25 years the senior population will double to about 72 million (CDC), and statistics show that 2 in 5 seniors need assistance to get through the day (Metlife), and 92% of seniors live with at least one chronic health condition. 77% live with two or more such conditions (N4A). OIHC has been open and successful for 10 years in Clarksville, TN. We are looking to expand throughout the state of TN as we currently have a statewide license and are a statewide provider to Medicaid clients. Our mission is to be recognized as the premier provider of in home care services throughout Tennessee and keeping our clients in the comfort of their open home for as long as possible. Life is better at home.